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Panasonic Servo Motor Drive


50 W to 22 kW, Input power supply for Driver: Voltage DC 24 V/48 V・AC 100 V/200 V/400 V, 23 bit Absolute/Incremental・battery-less Absolute/Incremental encoder, Frequency response 3.2 kHz.


TYPE                          DESCRIPTION

Brand                         Panasonic

Part Number        MHMF042L1U2M

Details        High inertia, Lead wire type

Series        MHMF Series

Protection class                                      IP65

Flange sq. dimension                               60 mm sq.

Flange sq. dimension (Unit: mm)                  60

Motor lead-out configuration                   Lead wire

Motor encoder connector                           Lead wire

Power supply capacity (kVA)                         0.9

Voltage specifications                              200 V

Rated output                                     400 W

Rated current (A (rms))                                  2.1

Mass (kg)                                      1.2

Rated torque (N  m)                                      1.27

Continuous stall torque (N  m)                1.40

Momentary Max. peak torque (N  m)        4.46

Max. current (A (o-p))                               10.4

Rated rotational speed (r/min)                 3000

Rated rotational Max. speed (r/min)                  6500

Moment of inertia of rotor ( x10-4 kg  m²)           0.56

Recommended moment of inertia ratio                30 times or less

Rotary encoder: specifications          23 bit absolute/Incremental                                                   s                                                            system

Rotary encoder: Resolution                   8388608