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Kubler Incremental Encoder KIS40 SERIES


The Sendix KIS40 / KIH40 incremental compact encoders with optical sensors are designed for maximum economy and are available with a resolution of up to 2500 pulses per revolution. Special details from the sophisticated Sendix technology can be found in these encoders. This results in a special resistance to vibrations and installation errors.


TYPE                                              DESCRIPTION

Brand                                             Kubler

Dimension                                        Ø 40 mm

Shaft type                                         6 mm shaft with flat surface

                                                         8 mm shaft, with flat surface
1/4 ” shaft, with flat surface
Flange type                                      Synchro flange / Servo

flange,Clampingflange                                                                                                 Ø 40.00 mm

Working temperature                       -20 °C … +70 °C

Protection level                               IP64
Connection types                             Axial cable, Radial cable
Max. rotational speed                      4.500 min
Weight                                             170 g

Scanning              optical

Resolution max.              2.500 ppr incremental

Supply voltage                  5 V DC,10…30 V DC

Interfaces              Push-pull,TTL / RS422,Open Collector