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Danfoss Electronic Pressure Sensor Switch MEP 2200


For use in Mobile Hydraulic applications

Dual output

Output 1: Switch output

– Hysteresis 1% FS

– Time constant 1 mS

Output 2: Analogue output

– Ratio metric or absolute voltage output.


TYPE                     DESCRIPTION

Manufacturer                           DANFOSS

Type of module                          pressure switch

Controlled parameter                   pressure

Controlled parameter range   2…6 bar

Kind of output 1                         3PST-NC

Regulation for output 1           ON-OFF with hysteresis

Output 1 electrical parameters          250V AC / 12A

Operating temperature        -20…70°C

IP rating                                         IP43

Series                                         CS

The programming method            adjusting screw

Mounting                            G 1/2″

Max working pressure        10bar

Body dimensions                       66x105x107mm

Additional information

Gross weight:                             500.8 g

Manufacturer part number:        031E021066